Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be Happy...Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Everyone!

In my 32 (spoiler alert!) years, I have not yet tired of the promise of January 1st. How, just mere hours from the height of the chaos and indulgence of the holiday season can such a crisp page be turned in my soul? In years past, the laundry list of my hopeful resolutions has been vast: I have resolved to eat better, swear off alcohol, get fit, spend more time with loved ones, write more, relax more, be more organized...

Some years, progress turned to regress. Other years, I enjoyed a long run of success. More often than not, I added just a few positive notches to my belt that have stayed with me ever since. And yet, here I am, ready anew to breathe fresh life into my routine and commit to the highest purpose of continual self improvement. Given my own propensity to desire renewal, as 2011 drew to a close and my inbox grew quiet, I knew that it was just a matter of time. 

Come Tuesday (today is for brunch, tomorrow is for prep), I will be rocking and rolling, helping to cheer people on to a healthier path. In the interest of solidarity, I thought I would share some of my own wishes for the New Year with you.

1. Figure out how to get back into daily exercise. With a full time job, a writing habit and a family, exercise seems like a luxury but I know that it is not. My goal is to carve out 20 minutes every single day. 

2. Get back to writing "the book". The one I thought I would finish on maternity leave (ha!); the one that is only 20% finished; the one I have gotta write.

3. Pick up the phone once a week and call someone I love. When I get into my work cave, I shut the outside world out. Time to reach out and touch someone (I already told you my age, so it doesn't matter if I show it with lines from ancient TV commercials!)

What will you aspire to this year?
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