Monday, January 28, 2013

Say 'Hello' to!

Wow...what a tidal wave the last few months have been! I have been working hard on getting my new business and website together and now it is ready to share with the world. However, there are only so many hours in the day and with all of the comings and goings, these pages have been sorely neglected. 

It takes a pretty strong force to rip me away from my beloved blog and now, I am sad to say, this will be my last post here. 

I am, however, thrilled to share my new website with you,

The lovely Chloe Perron at Spoken Design created it for me, and I even got myself a spanky new photo, courtesy of the amazing Melia Sorenson at Lucida Photography

My blog will continue on the new site, with plenty of great content (articles + recipes) up weekly starting February 1st. I hope you will join me there and for those of you new to this blog, here are the links to my most popular posts...enjoy!

My review of the Wheat Belly book is by far the most visited on my blog - talk about a hot button issue!

The post where I share the cake I made for my son's first birthday (from 365 Quinoa) is another good one!

My thoughts on the newest trend in Vancouver...good vegetarian restaurants.

If you are looking for a sane, measured approach to eating well - try my UnDiet!

Want to go more plant-based? Here is a simple way to get started.

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