Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Desiree on Daily Perricone

Photo courtesy of my amazing partner-in-crime, Heather McColl RD.

Today, my dear readers, is a first! The Fresh Sheet, my local food recipe blog with Heather McColl RD, is a guest blogger for the Daily Perricone blog. If you haven't heard of Daily Perricone, Dr Nicholas Perricone is an NYC dermatologist, author and formulator of the PerriconeMD skincare line. How do a couple of foodie dietitians fit in? Dr Perricone is a pioneer in connecting our health, and the health of our skin, to chronic inflammation and recognizing the role that a healthful diet plays in helping to squelch inflammation. 

Starting today and for the next 3 Wednesdays, we will feature the health and beauty benefits of four super foods and each following Thursday will feature a delicious vegetarian anti-inflammatory recipe inspired by the season from us Fresh Sheet gals. I hope you will join us on the Daily Perricone! Now, if only we could actually go to NYC...foodie road trip!
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