Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be Sin City

Flower child(ren)...

The first time I went to Las Vegas, I was practically dragged there kicking and screaming. I think my exact quote was, "Las Vegas exemplifies all that is wrong and excessive in American consumerist culture." Insert crow to eat, here. I loved it and have been happy to return; this trip was actually my third to the desert playground. However, Las Vegas has many faces. I don't gamble...if I am going to throw money away, I want to see some fancy shoes. Given my age, I also don't see the Vegas that involves getting sick outside a nightclub at 4AM. I love Las Vegas for the sheer spectacle: best people watching in the world. Especially when you aren't the one who just consumed one of those yard-long slushies. In fact, Las Vegas is a foodie dream - as long as you choose wisely. Skip the processed-to-death chain restaurant food. 

This time, we stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Loved the hotel and the location...not so much the service. I suppose what you get for staying at "the" hotel right now is to feel like they are doing you a bit of a favour. The hotel has some great restaurants though; apparently their buffet Wicked Spoon is the best in Las Vegas. We stuck to the more traditional, celebrity chef, route and went to both China Poblano and Jaleo by DC Chef Jose Andres. When we wanted a nice pub, we found The Pub from Todd English, of Olives fame. And no burger aficionado can go to Vegas without a stop at Burger Bar from Hubert Keller. Even if you are a vegan burger kind of girl, like me. Also in the Mandalay complex is the Border Grill, which is so fresh and delicious. 

We have seen a few shows in Vegas and this time, we finally saw O and Crazy Horse. Both were amazing. And since January was a crazy month, my friend and I left the men to shop as we went to the Sahra Spa. Do the won't be disappointed! We even drove into the desert to do some poking around, with our friends who are geologists. Which lead us to discover this crazy place.

So just in case you were desperate for a weekend away...Las Vegas is just a 2 hour plane ride away! Eat your heart out...
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