Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Savannah

Enter the Hive...

I am usually a very organized traveller. Prior to arriving in a new locale, I have seen the websites, read the guidebooks and know exactly where to go and what to see so I can enjoy the place at my leisure, without ever looking back into a guidebook. Not that I stay bound to my plans...I just hate wandering through a neighbourhood, stomach rumbling, wondering where the heck I can eat that won't be disappointing or ridiculously over-priced. 

When I was in Savannah recently, I was as unprepared as I have ever been for a trip. Perhaps it was because I was so busy prior to departure; knowing I wouldn't have much free time to explore probably contributed to the decreased effort.  When I arrived I knew two things: that I wanted to check out the Savannah Bee Co., the new museum at the Savannah College of Art and Design and maybe do some Jivamukti yoga

So after my work was done at the conference and I set out into the streets, I had very little direction other than to wander the streets aimlessly. Luckily, Savannah has very beautiful streets. The city is organized around beautiful park-like squares and the streets are lined with old colonial buildings and homes. Here are some of my favourite finds in Savannah...

Grab a french lunch to go at Papillote and go sit in the sunshine at Forsyth Park; try modern southern cuisine at Vic's or Alligator Soul (where they won't laugh at you for being a vegetarian); get farm-focused and local at Noble Fare or Local 1110. I am not going to lie, good (read: fresh and chef-created) food is not exactly cheap in this city nor do they sympathize much with vegetarians. This crazy Vancouverite forgets how spoiled she is in this city.

As you wander the shops on Broughton St, stop in for a cookie or beautiful notebook at Sylvester & Co Modern General Store; pick up some candles fit for the (actual) queen or some mint julep cups at Paris Market; wander the design district for independent spirit, pick up art created by students from the Savannah College of Art and Design at the SCAD shop or sample (and buy!) local honey at Savannah Bee Co.

See y'all later,

PS...and if you are willing to do some research, the NY Times always has great features!
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