Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UnDiet...Week 28

One of my favourite places to be in the summer...the peak. Food tastes better outdoors, after a big hike!

Hello UnDieters!

I am most uninspired by this summer's weather. I need the summer sun to fill up my "happy tank". So after 6 weeks of blah weather, I am feeling a bit blah myself. Just in case you might be suffering the same affliction, I want to offer some good mood food.

Your excruciatingly difficult challenge this week is to pick your favourite childhood treat and eat it. Think about what food you most associate with the happiness and carefree summers of childhood. Whatever that food is, take time to prepare it with the best ingredients you can afford and give yourself time to focus on your treat and savour it. Preferably outdoors, with an umbrella if need be. Think about how it makes you feel. What memories do you associate with the food? How does it actually taste? What is the texture like?

When we are stressed, we often turn to food to improve our mood but we typically choose poor quality food and ingest it with such disdain and speed that it does little more than weigh us down even further. And I admit that food should not be used as comfort on a regular basis. If you routinely use food to cover up emotions or challenges, it is important to find a healthier outlet - whatever that is for you. But sometimes you just need a little me time, in the way of something delicious. So this week, enjoy. And if you can put in a good word with the weather makers, will you order some sun?

Have fun,

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