Monday, July 11, 2011

Cleaning up my act...

As a dietitian, I am under no illusion that making permanent lifestyle change is difficult. I work with hundreds of clients who share their challenges and their triumphs on the path. And I wouldn't dare say that I never have my own issues; I may know how to eat like a "saint" but I am human too!

In fact, over the last few months my own lifestyle habits have left a bit to be desired. I like to keep my healthy eating to 80-90% of my diet, leaving a little room for whatever is tasting good to me at the moment like poutine, red wine and ice cream. However, my healthy eating has looked a bit closer to 60-70% with a few too many chocolate bars and potato chips to name. And I haven't worked out in months. I can feel the difference. I just don't have the energy I usually do and when you get up at the crack of dawn (5AM!) and chase a little one around all day, it really hits you. 

So I am cleaning up my act this week. We are in the middle of a move and a generally insane month. It would be easy to put it off but the time is now. My husband is off so he can watch E while I work out and I have a bit of extra time to make food. I already worked out this morning and had a great breakfast and am feeling motivated and ready to go.

This isn't a diet or a detox or a cleanse. This is just me refocusing on taking care of myself and eating the foods I love to and that love me back.

I just might share my menus with you all...both for interest sake and to keep me honest. Watch this space....
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