Sunday, June 26, 2011

UnDiet...Week 23+24

Hello UnDieters! 

You know when you are swimming lengths in a full size pool and in the middle of the lane the water gets a bit rough and choppy and it is a bit of a slug to get through it? I think that is where I am at with the UnDiet. I was considering bowing out early but I think that it is important to keep things going. Because these posts, like being on a healthy living journey, go through ups and downs. So I am going to stick with it, if you are going to stick with me!

So for this week (and last), let's do something bold. Can you handle going without an sweetened drinks for a whole week? Yes!! A whole week. That is no soda, no sweet tea, no mocha hazelnut frappucinos, no margaritas. Yikes. 

This challenge will separate the big kahunas from the teenie wahines. Sugar is all pervasive in our society and drinking sweetened drinks is a huge contributor to obesity. Blah, blah, blah. We all know it. Time to put our money where are mouths are. Who may even come out of this week looking pretty darn good on the beach.

Since I like to focus on what you can is a list of "Green Light" bevvies:

- coffee and tea, plain or with milk or veggie alternative. Think iced skim latte instead of coffee frap
- plain ol' water or club soda or seltzer or carbonated mineral water
- beer or wine (although if you go too crazy on the hooch, you probably won't shed pounds. if that is okay with you it is okay with me!)
- unsweetened liquor like vodka (watch out, some have added sugar!) or gin, with club soda or neat, you stallion, you!
- plain coconut water
- milk, soy milk, almond milk....all the veg milks but only UNSWEETENED versions

This could be a rough one, folks. But I believe in you. It is time to cut the sweet tooth. If you like the way you feel this week, try and keep it going all summer long.

In good health,

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