Monday, June 27, 2011 Vancouver

Dangerous Goods Inside...

I attended the Dietitians of Canada National Conference in Edmonton, where Liane Faulder, writer for the Edmonton Journal, helpfully shared her favourite foodie spots for all us hungry dietitians. Inspired, a friend and I were chatting about where to eat in Vancouver and she half jokingly suggested that I write my own list. Careful what you wish it current 10 favourite places to grab a bite or a drink (in no particular order, most definitely subject to change) in Vancouver!

1. Cafeteria Cafeteria is that perfect combination of intimate, friendly, delectable, seasonal and (gasp!) a good value. I have literally NEVER had a bad meal here and given that it is within stumbling distance of home, I go here a reasonable amount. 

2. La Taqueria Mmmm....tacos. Real, authentic tacos. 'Nuff said. 

3. Finch's Tea House The baguette sandwiches are transcendent. The cookies are the size of your face.

4. Ganache Patisserie Owner Peter Fong does ridiculous things with pastry. I don't care much for sweets, unless they come from Ganache. Never met a treat I didn't like here.

5. Judas Goat At last! A real tapas bar. Not a "funky decor, $22 for a boring plate with 1 oz of food on it" bar. Love the tiny, intimate space. Bold flavours, awesome wine list. 

6. L'Abattoir Gastown is rocking the food world right now. L'Abattoir has a great room, great service, inventive food and they actually take reservations.

7. Gene This is where I go for coffee...some of the best in town. And they definitely make the best mocha in town for my taste. I hate sweet stuff (see #4) and their mocha tastes like cocoa, not sickly sweet chocolate sauce. 

8. Nuba Healthy, tasty and affordable. The good eats trifecta. Now open in the hipper-than-you Waldorf Hotel.

9. Campagnolo Still my favourite pizza in Vancouver. You MUST try the crispy ceci.

10. Bao Bei Want to impress your guests with how stylish and cosmopolitan Vancouver is? This is the spot. Think vintage modern Chinese with kicka@@ cocktails. Yum. 

Time to eat!
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