Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Losing it...the post baby diaries...Sept 8

I didn't work out today.

I am three days into my new workout plan and I didn't work out! I have been here before...with variable outcomes. My son, who has been sleeping well, decided he wanted to party all night long and then would only spend his waking hours attached to me - making working out a bit of a challenge. Even now, this blog post has been interrupted a few times...

I am undeterred. And sore. In that good, you are working out, way. So I know that tomorrow I will get up and work out again. And if I only make it four days, that's not bad for a first week. And I did manage to go out for a walk today since the stroller is my little boy's zen long as I am moving :)

Being so exhausted today, I really wanted a treat. Something huge and filled with a guaranteed sugar rush (subsequent energy crash be damned!). I triumphed there at least! Walked past the gelato shop, the coffee shops, the grocery store...and came home and ate the good stuff. I said that the next post would be about my food strategy but I think I might beg for the raincheck and instead share what I have been eating today...and I can go into details as to the why another (more rested) time.

1 slice silver hills toast with 2 omega 3 eggs fried in extra virgin olive oil, served with about an ounce of shredded light cheddar and a couple of tablespoons of salsa plus a cup of green tea

Large glass of Gerolsteiner mineral water with 1/4 cup of pomegranate juice

1.5 cups of homemade vegetarian chili (fresh veggies, two kinds of beans plus veggie ground round) served with a tablespoon of light feta

1/2 cup of Naturesource Voyageur trail mix (unroasted, unsweetened, unsalted) and an organic apple (fresh from my SPUD box today!)

1/2 box of Annie's whole wheat macaroni served with sauteed mushrooms and Parmesan

Cup of orange pekoe tea with milk and sugar and an organic pear

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep!

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