Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Voting with your Fork: Political Trailblazers in Food and Nutrition

Nutrition science (and trend) is a constantly moving target; as more of us become interested in living a healthier life, greater numbers of nutrition "experts" want a piece of the action. Now more than ever, what to eat is a political act. So who really matters and who do you want to invest your hard-earned time and brain power in? 

Dr. Andrew Weil (MD) is the godfather of integrative medicine; in fact, his book Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, kicked my butt in the direction of a life spent in health. He has become a bit of an industry these days, but his guidance is stellar.

Andy Bellatti is a registered dietitian in Seattle, Washington who is not afraid to challenge the status quo - he calls out nutritionism and lack of food democracy when he see it. 

The team at Harvard School of Public Health's Nutrition Source is the leading edge in public health nutrition. They have research cred and the bucks to do something with it. They didn't like the My Pyramid eating model that the government created, so they created their own. 

Continuing the public health vibe, Dr David Katz (MD) is another nutrition rock star. Founder of an integrative medicine centre who dedicates his research life to prevention, Dr Katz believes there are good and bad foods - and he created a nutrition scoring system to prove it.

Marion Nestle PhD is the mother of food politics; she asks questions that governments should be asking. Not afraid to take on the food industry or bio-tech, she will make you think twice about what you put on your fork.

And of course, I cannot create a post like this without mentioning the journalists Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan. It often takes an outsider to sound the morning bell and wake the rest of us up.
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