Friday, March 25, 2011

UnDiet...Week 13

If you must splurge...make it worth it. Thomas Haas macarons fit the bill.
It's week number 13 UnDieters!

The number has always been a lucky one for let's hope this week is good for you too. We are going to do something that might sting a bit at first but it will make you feel better before long. It's about cutting down on sugar. 

We are living truly sugar laden lives. Not only do we eat more treats than ever before but our savoury staples are also being pumped full of the sweet stuff. I have typically never been much for sweets but I have found that since having E I have been worshipping at the syrup shack a bit too often for my liking. 

This month, my lovely friend Robyn Green at Kai Event Management has been observing Sugar Free March and I wrote a blog post to help her followers steer clear of the stuff. Give it a read for in depth information on how to spot hidden sugars in foods and for some ideas for great sugar free snacks.

For you, I am asking you to choose one food or beverage that you sweeten on a daily basis and keep it unsweetened. Just one! It is an experiment in weaning yourself off the sauce. Reason being, once you get used to the taste of things in their unsweetened state, you will start to like it. And then you might want to cut the sweet out of other foods in your life. It may take a week or two for you to get accustomed to the new taste of your food but eventually you will be able to appreciate the nuances of flavour that sugar had been bulldozing over with syrupy sweetness.

So choose your current poison: will it be your first morning cup of a coffee? A GREAT place to start. Or will you swap a sweetened yogurt for a plain version with some chopped fruit? Or maybe you will drop the afternoon granola bar and pick up some raw almonds instead. If you don't typically eat sweets, go after the savoury foods in your pantry like tomato sauces or breads that may be unexpectedly sugar filled.

Don't eat anything sweetened? At all? Good for you. Take the week off but go easy on all the other cranky, sugar deprived souls. 

Good luck and remember, you are all sweet enough as it is.


Lee McKenzie said...

I use Harvest Sun organic vegetable bouillion powder to make stock for soups, etc. On a recent trip to the grocery store, my Handy Man bought a different brand, and the first ingredient on the list was, much to my surprise, corn syrup solids! Needless to say, it went back to the store to be exchanged.

Desiree Nielsen RD said...

I am always so amazed...we have slowly been duped into eating so much salt and sugar that nothing in nature can compete with processed food. I find now that I tend to consciously avoid sugar and sweetened foods. Salt, however, is my vice.