Friday, June 26, 2009

Drink...Summerhill Winery

In Kelowna this week for work and had the exceptional opportunity to have lunch with Steve Cipes - the proprietor of Summerhill Organic Winery. Talk about a take cajones to start a winery in a new region (as the Okanagan was a time ago) and to go certified organic? Well, you've got to have passion.
Nestled on the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Lake, Summerhill is the largest organic winery in Canada. If you find yourself in Kelowna - you really must visit - the winery boasts a lovely restaurant with a pretty magnificent view (and tasty organic food to boot). And yes, the Pyramid does exist -
We chatted about organics and winemaking, among other things - so many of us are making a concerted effort to eat organic food and use organic body care but we don't give a second thought to our wine habits and organics are just as critical in viticulture, especially for those who tend the vines and live near them.
I tried the 2007 Ehrenfelser, the Icewine and the wonderful Cipes Brut...and the next day I couldn't resist a return trip to buy some. As I am totally not a wine expert, I will spare you the amateur tasting notes, but you can go to their website to check it out:

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